Save Water and Money in the Garden this Summer

Top Tops for Saving Water in your Garden this Summer

Summer is just around the corner folks, but don’t break out your sunglasses and ice lollies just yet, because we’ve put together a fantastic list of water and money-saving tips to help you slash water wastage and reduce water bills!

During the spring and summer months, millions of litres of water are used whilst watering the garden and washing cars, a huge percentage of which could be saved by making a few simple changes to our gardening habits.

Here’s a list of our best tips and tricks to help you reduce water wastage in the garden this summer!

Recycle Water

To reduce or even eliminate the need for a garden hose when watering your garden, you can look to make good use of water collected by other means. By collecting rainwater in a garden water butt, you can keep a stored source of hydration for your lawn and plants without ever turning on the tap! Simply use the water butt to fill your watering can and off you go!

When in the kitchen, instead of running fresh fruit and vegetables under the tap when cleaning them, fill the wash bowl with water and then sink your fresh produce into the water to rinse it; even water from the bottom of your kettle can be reused!

Afterwards, use this water to hydrate garden or houseplants, or add it to the water butt.

Nourish Your Soil

Another way to use less water in your garden is to add some quality organic matter into the soil.

Doing this will effectively make the soil more ‘bulky’, and when rain falls onto the soil or you water the garden, the soil and organic matter mix will hold onto the water instead of letting it quickly pass through.

In many cases this can mean you would only have to water the soil once a fortnight as opposed to once a week in warmer periods!

Know Your Garden

Knowing more about the watering requirements for the trees and plants you have in your garden can eliminate unnecessary watering. For example, plants such as Echeveria are much more at home in dry soil, and don’t require watering at all.

Knowing about the conditions of the soil in your garden will help you become more informed about which plants are right for your garden, better-preparing you for your next trip to the garden centre.

Do what you Can

Avoiding the hosepipe is the best way to slash water wastage in the garden dramatically.

When watering plants, trees and your lawn, opt for the trusty watering can instead, this can save thousands of litres each year per household. Similarly, when washing you car, opt for a bucket and sponge instead of the hose, not only will this save water but it will allow for a more comprehensive cleaning!

So there we have our top tips for saving on water wastage this summer! Be sure to check back with Pride Home Services soon for more fantastic tips & guides!