How to Install a Garden Fence

How to Install a Garden Fence.


Putting up a garden fence can be a really easy job, as long as you know what to do. Here, we’re going to tell you all the equipment you will need and take you through the process of fully installing the fence step by step.


  • Fence panels
  • Panel clips
  • Fence posts
  • Spade
  • Spirit level
  • Nails
  • Tape measure
  • Concrete mix
  • String


Step 1.

First, if your old fence is still on the boundary, remove it. Also ensure that you get rid of any plants that are encroaching on the boundary, as you will need a clear space to work in. Next, roughly mark out a straight line along your boundary with a piece of string.


Step 2

Now, you should dig out a hole for your first fence post. The hole will need to be dug 60cm deep and will need to be roughly as wide as the width of your spade, so that you will have enough room to apply the concrete mix later.


Step 3

Take your fence post and place it into the hole, ensuring that it is secure. Now, take your concrete mix and pour it into the hole as it instructs you to do on the packet. Before the concrete sets completely, use your spirit level to make sure the post is completely straight.


Step 4

Wait for the concrete to set fully and move onto the next step. This involves marking where you want your second post to go.

Step 5

Now, you can dig out the hole for your second fence post. Also, use your panel clips to attach your fence panel to the first post.

Step 6

Insert the second fence post into the hole and ensure that it is supported and standing upright. Then, attach the panel clips to the post and attach the other fence panel. Once you have done this, you can pour the cement mix into the hole.

Step 7

Repeat this process along the boundary until your fence is complete.