Composite Fence Panels Manchester

Composite Fence Panels and Posts

Pride home services are proud to offer our new range of composite fence panels and posts to customers throughout Manchester, Bury and Bolton.

The composite panels and posts are part of our premium range as these products are built to last! The panels and posts will not rot, require no staining or treatment and are built to stand the test of time.

The products are designed for those customers that want to simply fit the panels and forget about them.

image of a variety of composite fencing panels

Fence Panels

The composite panels are made of easy to install sections, rather than a single, very heavy panel, the picture below shows a panel between 2 matching composite posts, this example is approx 4ft tall or 1200mm and is made up of 8 sections. 2 sections roughly measure 1 ft or 300mm.

The panels simply slide into the slots that run the length of the post, so no small brackets or screws to hold the panels in place. The panels then simply stack on top of each other in a similar style to tongue and groove.

The view of the panel, once in place is the same from both sides which makes it perfect for those customers wanting to split the cost with their neighbour. Both parties get the same stunning view!

The panels and posts are available in three colours as shown in the pictures below. They are 6ft wide per section and as mentioned above, are incredibly simple to work out how many sections are needed as 2 are required per ft in height.

Composite Fence Panels and Posts

Composite Fence Panel and Post Pricing

Prices are as follows;

  • Sections are priced at £12.00 inclusive of vat, (2 required per 1ft or 300mm in height)
  • Posts are priced at £43.50 each inclusive of vat and are 8ft or 2.4m in height
  • Matching coloured caps are priced at £3.50 each

Filler strips for the slots in the posts are also available in 1 metre lengths priced at £2.95 each. Examples of these are fitted to the brown posts in the picture below.


Should you have any questions regarding our composite fence panels, posts or installation s please contact Dave today on 01282 774 955 or 07884 184842