Cheap Design Ideas For Your Garden

The summer months are almost upon us and many people are looking at redesigning their gardens and outdoor spaces so that the next few months can be spent outside, topping up tans, drinking fresh jugs of Sangria and entertaining guests in a garden that you can be proud of.

Not everybody can afford to have their garden kitted out with the newest features and fads which is why we have compiled a few cost effective ideas designed to inspire the budding gardener within!

Water features


As we all know, water features and ponds can be quite expensive which is why a good old fashioned bird bath can offer an ideal solution. Bird baths are cheap to purchase, easy to locate, look amazing and help our feathered friends. Everybody wins!



A trellis is a perfect addition to any patio, are easy to build and do not tend to be overly expensive!
A trellis will always add a beautiful setting to any garden whilst offering hints of privacy and look amazing when surrounded with plants and lighting.

For a perfect addition, look up climbing plants that will work well with the Trellis – Honeysuckle and Clematis are great options!

Colourful Furniture


Decking and patios sometimes require the odd boost in order for a person to truly appreciate their garden. To add a unique touch to the area why not introduce some colourful items to an otherwise plain setting and really stand out from the crowd.

brightly coloured cushions, lights, lanterns and candles are all really cheap and easy work with yet really add a warm touch to the garden. Why not restore an old piece of wood or furniture by sanding down and painting in a bold vibrant colour.

Unique Garden Lighting


Garden lighting is such a good addition to a garden. Visibility is assured, regardless of time as well creating a tranquil area built to welcome late night socialising. There are so many options that are available to a person. For those that like to recycle, why not use some old Christmas fairy lights. They are great to work with and will compliment other furniture especially when weaved within a trellis or pergola.


Another fun option is to use some old jam jars or empty bottles. A simple tea light candle will make all of the difference as well as being fun to make. The result is stunning and it really is a case of ‘the more the merrier’.

And there we have it!

Introducing fun, unique ideas to the garden do not have to be expensive, time consuming or difficult. There are no limits to what you can do.

The above ideas should should hopefully give you a push and get those creative juices flowing. The internet is a great place for inspiration and if you do run out of ideas, a good bit of research can really help you.