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Water Features

Want the sound of running water but without a pond? This is easily available with the wide range of stand alone water features that Pride Home Services can supply & install.

Water Feature Bury, Bolton, Manchester

A stunning stainless steel water blade, this type of feature does not need an open pond, a tank for the water is simply hidden and covered with large stones or in this case pebbles and when enhanced with ornaments and planting, can transform even the most quiet corners of the garden.

This type of feature may be more suitable than an open pond if you have small children, pets, limited space or simply do not want a pond in your garden.


You may already have a pond that needs a makeover or maybe you require a pond and are not sure where to start. Pride Home services can discuss your requirements and provide solutions to suit most budgets.

Below is just one of the makeovers we have carried out for one of our clients.

Ponds Bury, Bolton, Manchester, Oldham - BeforePonds Bury, Bolton, Manchester, Oldham - After

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