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Turfing & Artificial Turf Bury, Bolton, Manchester & Surrounding areas

Laying turf is a very cost effective way to cover a large area of garden, and when done properly can give stunning results.

Pride Home Services only use top quality turf, which is cut fresh to order and has not been sat on pallets for days! This means that the turf is very fresh and when laid gives an immediate stunning effect as you can see from the below pictures

Both the below pictures were taken on the day the turf was laid, showing how fresh and lush our quality turf is.

Turfing Buryturfpic1

Pride Home Services have the specialist equipment to carry out the removal of an old lawn. This not only saves time, which in turn saves money, but also gives a quality finish to the area ready for the next stage.


Once the old lawn is removed and disposed of, a product called rootzone is laid over the area. This is used for the following reasons;

  • Rootzone is a blend of organic, fibrous, nutrient rich water retentive products and sports grade sand.
  • This product will help prevent waterlogging and therefore moss growth, whilst retaining moisture during drier times.


The final thing to do is lay the fresh turf over the area and then give a good soaking with the hose. It is very important to keep the newly laid watered every day until the turf can establish.


Artificial Turf Bury, Bolton and Manchester

Looking for a lush green lawn all year round, without any hassle of getting the mower out? Maybe you have children or pets and would like a lawn that can stand up to the constant use from all the wear and tear? If so artificial turf may be the answer.

When laid properly artificial turf will last for years with little or no maintenance. The quality of the turf available nowadays is fantastic, from different colours of green mixed together to give a realistic look, to different heights of grass blade to give a look from just been cut to a little longer. Pride home services really do have it all!

Artificial Turf comes on rolls similar to carpet and as you can see, some of the residents at this property cant wait to be sat on their new lawn!


Artificial Turf is a great option if you have children or pets, or if you just do not want the maintenance side of owning a real lawn and the options that are available can sometimes look better than the real thing.

Top quality Artificial Turf laid properly is virtually maintenance free. No mowing, feeding or strimming! Simply clear any leaves from it over the winter and it will remain lush and green all year round.


Should you have any questions or wish to discuss which turfing product suits you, please feel free to contact us on the below details;

T: 01282 774 955

M: 07884 184842

email; pridehomeservices@yahoo.co.uk

or simply fill in our contact form and we’ll ring you.

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