Roof Garden Decking Manchester

Pride Home Services were called to a customers penthouse apartment in Manchester with a view to addressing a poorly coated decking project.

Upon arrival it was apparent that the decking in the roof garden was deteriorating with each day that passed. The coating that was originally used had not penetrated the wood and sat on top which allowed water to penetrate it and cause a flaking and blistering effect.

Once the issue had been diagnosed, the work could then begin.

The first stage was sanding the decking down to the bare wood where it could be cleaned and given a coating of a specialist oil designed to penetrate hard wood and bring out the deep colour and grains, in this case the oil used was deks olje oil (D1).

The oil had to be applied 3 times with appropriate time in between allowing the decking to dry as this ensures that the oil saturates, protects and stabilises the wood.

Upon completing the D1 oil application, and at the customers request, a gloss coat was applied using Deks Olje D2. The gloss oil used is compatible with D1 oil which ensures a stunning finish that is protected against the elements of the British weather.