Pergolas Bury

Bespoke Pergola erected in Bury (Walshaw)

This Pergola was a totally bespoke creation based on an idea of the customer when it was realised that the flatpack Pergolas online were not compatible with the space available. The customer contacted Pride home services and was concerned that the angles and boundaries would be a problem, this was not the case!

This Pergola project was slightly difficult given the boundary lines of neighbouring gardens however, the experience of the team overcame this issue which has resulted in a bespoke Pergola complete with double struts, the latter of which was an idea of the customer.

It took the team just over two days to complete the Pergola and create the double strut feature.

Should you have any questions regarding our any of the Pride Home Services projects or have any concerns over awkward garden spaces please contact Dave on 07884 184842 or 0161 764 1450 and see what options are available.