Fencing & Gates

Fencing and Gates Bury

Why have a plain old fence?

With so many options available for fencing in Bury, we can not only construct something that will provide security and privacy, but that will look good at the same time, after all, when your enjoying your outdoor space who wants to look at a plain old fence?

We can cater for most fencing requirements, a few of which have been noted below;

Steep Slope Fencing

steep slope

Maybe you need a fence on a steep slope. This is no problem as there is a type of fence to suit most scenarios.

Curved Top Fencing

Curved top panel

How about adding some shape to the garden, using a curved topped panel instead of a normal flat top.

Contemporary Lats Fencing

contemporary lats

Another option is to use our contemporary lats to cover standard fencing, this can save any disputes with neighbours yet still give the look that you want.


We also have an impressive range of gates, all designed to suit any garden, driveway or property.

Wrought iron driveway gates


Wrought iron driveway gates, huge selection of styles and sizes available to order.

Timber Gates


Bespoke timber gates, fully treated and complete with galvanised fittings!

For unrivalled style and reliable privacy, please feel free to drop us an email at pridehomeservices@yahoo.co.uk or phone us on 01282 774 955 and we’ll provide you with an amazing set of garden fencing and gates!